I have worked with Ingrid many times over the years with her booking flights and trips. There can not be an agent with more patience, as I am someone who is very particular on the flight times and itinerary that I want. Ingrid stays with it until you get what you are looking and always with a smile. With all the agents I have worked with over the years, she is the best. This is what Ingrid did recently for us: We booked a trip on the Rocky Moutaineer through the Canadian Rockies for a tri in June. It got cancelled due to Covid, but all they would do is give us vouchers for a future trip. Not knowing when they might be able to travel again, we wanted our down payment refunded to us, in which they refused. Ingrid kept after them and they finally agreed to a full refund. This the kind of travel agent you want!
By  None  from  Lapeer, Mi.
Traveled to  Alaska ~ USA